The following sermons are in the common MP3 format, and should play without the need for downloading any special software.

All messages were recorded during the Sunday morning worship service, unless otherwise indicated.

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Date Speaker Title Download
December 26, 2010 Joel Smith The Savior's Invitation download
December 19, 2010 Joel Smith Born in Bethlehem download
December 5, 2010 Dave Wurm Thy Word Above Thy Name download
November 28, 2010 Joel Smith God's Power Beyond Our Imagination download
November 21, 2010 Joel Smith To Know the Love of Christ download
November 14, 2010 (PM) Joel Smith A Prayer for Inward Strength download
November 14, 2010 Joel Smith A Steward of the Mystery download
November 7, 2010 Joel Smith Confident Access to the Father download
October 17, 2010 Joel Smith The Church: A Building of God download
October 10, 2010 Joel Smith Spiritual Amnesia download
October 10, 2010 Randy Guliuzza The Creator is God download
September 19, 2010 Joel Smith The Cornerstone of the Church download
September 12, 2010 Joel Smith He Is Our Peace download
September 5, 2010 Joel Smith From Stangers to Citizens download
August 29, 2010 Rick Ackerman Position and Response Bring Results download
August 22, 2010 Joel Smith Saved by Grace download
August 8, 2010 Matt Morrell The Glory of God on the Mount download
August 1, 2010 Joel Smith Trophies of Grace download
July 18, 2010 Joel Smith The Death of Our Sinfulness download
January 4, 2009 Joel Smith The Gift of the Spirit download